Dr. Kremser often says that his easiest patients are typically kids from three to six years old. And he really means it! At Dental Health Associates of Streetsboro, we strive to provide excellent care for children while making their visits fun and worry-free. We use time-tested behavioral research along with the latest dental materials to make appointments so easy that kids love to come again and again…and, yes, we guess the latest movies, tv shows and video games might have something to do with it!  And, of course, any kid who gets a filling gets to shoot Dr. Kremser right in the face with water when they are done!

We are often asked- “does my child need a pediatric dentist?” The answer, of course, depends on the child, but most children do amazingly well at our office!  Our biggest piece of advice: let our dental team describe what will happen to your child.   To often parents end up scaring their own child trying to prepare them for their visit, using words like “hurt,” “shot,” “bright light.”  At Dental Health Associates, we prefer the terms “bother,” “sleepy juice,” and “Mr. Sunshine!”